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29 July 2021
Italy Vacation Family Photographer – Venice Vacation Photographer in Italy

Visiting Venice is always like entering a dream. When you enter the “Serenissima”, it seems to be in a world apart where the concept of life is different. You immerse yourself in a new world to be experienced in every moment.

A cloudy morning can sometimes be the luckiest thing a photographer could ever want. The light was gorgeous, the fog and the calm morning added an extra charm. Noxy and Mary kindly asked me if we could start the photoshoot a little bit later than usual, because with us was present Leona, their beautiful daughter which was only 6 years old. Many of the spots that we visited with Noxy, Mary and Leona on that day normally are with a light that is not too generous. Usually they are too busy, crowded. This is why I will always encourage you to meet as early as possible to shoot around the best locations in Venice and have the Sun shining low, giving the best light.

Venice family photographer, Alberto Andaloro – Venice Vacation Photographer in Italy

No matter whether you plan a wedding, anniversary or an engagement session in Venice, I am always here to help, share an advice or inspire. I believe that we can turn our photoshoot into a gorgeous experience that will stay in your thoughts forever. Most of all, A photo shoot in Venice is always a great way to see the city in a different way than you would have visited on your own.

Venice engagement photographer, Alberto Andaloro

Your arrival here is only the first step in making your memories indelible and everlasting. Get in touch with me and let the trip begin. Let me know your inspirations, thoughts or dreams. Send me a message and tell me when and where you would like to meet me. I usually respond as soon as possible and share with you all the necessary info you need. I’m always available on social networks too: my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest accounts can be your fastest source of inspiration. This is where you will find my most recent works, updates about the current situation in my country and lots of suggestions and tips for your wedding, engagement or family session in Venice.

Alberto Andaloro, Venice family photographer

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