Dania and Donovan, just married

22 February 2022

Dania and Donovan, just married

Alberto Andaloro, Photographer in Venice Italy. There is a famous song that says “Certain loves don’t end, they make huge turns and then they come back”. Perhaps this is the phrase I would assign to Dania and Donovan.

When Dania wrote to me it was February and she briefly told me her story and asked if I could immortalize her and her fiancè with my camera the following April. I am your Venice Photographer Italy.

Alberto Andaloro, Photographer in Venice

Unfortunately, all the events related to the pandemic that have blocked travel and often forced us to make sacrifices, have postponed this beautiful photo shoot over and over again.

I only met Dania and Donovan last August and it was really beautiful. I immediately understood that it was going to be a successful photo shoot. This happens when you build a good relationship with your customers even before you meet them. The thing that struck me most about these two guys was their complicity and the fact of seeing everything right away, from the first second I saw them. I decided to call this gallery “When two soul mates meet in Venice”.

I am your Venice Photographer Italy.

Alberto Andaloro, Photographer in Venice

Dania and Donovan decided to get marry in Venice in a unique experience during the fall season. It was emotional, full of positive vibes. A trip that will last forever in our memories.

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Alberto Andaloro, Venice family photographer

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