Against all odds in Venice

30 July 2021

Against all odds in Venice

Zorya and Misha. A young love that you can perhaps compare to a flower that begins to take shape in the cold winters of December. A bit of initial shyness, a great desire to have fun and forget everything around them. They roamed Venetian streets, off beaten tracks, palazzos, enjoying the time spent together. Come from afar and start wandering through the narrow streets of Venice, enjoying every moment. This is what these two guys did.

I don’t know why, but the unplanned photo shoots, the ones you never plan for, are always the most successful. Maybe because they are spontaneous, maybe because you get caught up in the inspiration of the moment.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to show me your ideas and desires, quite the opposite! What I always ask my clients is to send me an email and tell me about their ideas, what they imagine of their photo shoot so that it will be satisfying and make these memories indelible and precious. I am always open to Any scenario of our session. For further inspiration please view also my Instagram account¬†where you can see my most recent works.

Venice photographer 

It was a cold December day where the clouds did not bode well with the weather. I believe that when you get involved with a photo shoot in Venice, it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot, if it’s raining or not. If on the “photo set” there is love, passion, desire to have fun, I will always let myself be carried away by your feelings and the result will be amazing.

Alberto Andaloro, Venice Photographer

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